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Tommy O’Rourke / September 22, 2011

I just purchased the idleback shooting chair. I am no how or no way affiliated with the company or getting anything for sending you this email. I am an engineer by trade, and let me tell you That this chair is unbelievable and can not be matched by any other. I am a shooter and hunter, and sometimes video guy for my kids soccer. This chair does not get any justice on what you see on you tube or the website. It is machined with detail and functionality is off the charts. I never review anything I buy, this thing is just plain sick. I got the bag with mine and wish I would have gotten more accessories. Would have saved on shipping some, Oh well. If you shoot, you can Tack Drive with this setup, and portable enough for blinds and carrying in field. You have to convert cost from British pounds to us dollar, its simple Google it. Amanda and the customer service team are responsive and the chair is here with a blink of an eye. You can tell they are not some big company out there that doesn’t care about you or the product they back up. Good luck on your decision and take care!

Tommy O’Rourke / September 22, 2011

All i can say is WOW! This is a perfectly desighned, and engineered piece of Equipment. I am totally amazed at the detail, and the website pictures do this no justice. Simply Brilliant! I am totally satisfied with the customer service and follow through from your team and thank them all for me. I will be ordering more accessories tomorrow, as I have been running the chair through its paces! Cheers and thanks to you and yours again.

Steve Champion / September 22, 2011

Arrived today as promised, all present and correct and I have to say I’m impressed. I’ve been a keen shooter for 25 years- airgun, shotgun and rifle at both competetive target level and live game shooting. I’ve had most gadgets, toys and gizmos over the years including the rcbs rass system, with which I was disappointed with it’s lack of rifle stabity. I was tempted with buying an Idleback for over a year now but finally took the plunge after a particularly uncomfortable nv session last week- the weight of the gun, nv scope, bipod and mod stressed and strained me to the point of pain- not something I relished! Having just bought a dr bob converter and another ir adding yet more weight, something had to be done! Tonight I assembled
it(easy) and sat on the lawn gazing around the garden in full 360′ ir illuminated bliss- pain free, strain free and looking forward to a full field test on fri eve. I’m also the owner of a 4×4 pick up and am looking forward to strapping my shooting buddy on the ‘crows nest’ for some mobile foxing!! I’ve read the negative comments on YouTube regarding the price and
mobility- ignore it! These guys wouldn’t spend this much on their rifle and
scope- my various kits are worth thousands and for the extra comfort and flexibility, £340 is a steal!

So well done- great service, product and excellent build quality. To be recommended. Unless it breaks Friday in which case there’ll be hell to pay! Lol
Keep up the good work, I’ll be in touch soon for more accessories, I’m sure!

Steve Champion

Steve Champion / September 28, 2011

Took it out as promised and it performed flawlessly. Had it mounted in the back of the truck with myself and 2 buddies taking turns lamping- all 3 of us were impressed and rate it highly. We had the hard surface feet firmly planted on a sheet of ply with a strap going across the bed and around 2 of the legs and it was stable and safe- I’ll be bolting the feet to the ply next make it semi fixed- the feet undo in minutes. We shot both right and left handed out to 100yds with HMR and did some nv with .22 at rats- no problems at all- safe, sturdy and imminently rotatable. So in summary- no hell to pay!



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Idleback Shooting Platform

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    • Shooting Platform What's in the Bag

      Idleback Shooting Platform


      The best Shooting platform available in the world. Shooting stability and comfort.

    • Premier Combo Idleback Chair in use

      Premier Combo Chair


      The best Shooting platform available in the world. Shooting stability and comfort but with enough versatility built in as standard for rifle and shotgun shooting

    • Remove Front Arm for Combo Shotgun Chair

      Standard Combo Chair


      The best Shooting platform available in the world. Shooting stability and comfort but with enough versatility built in as standard for rifle and shotgun shooting

Chair Shooting Platform System


The Idleback Shooting Platform System

For all eventualities

Weight 18lbs – Made from Quality, Light weight, Powder Coated Aluminium


What you get . . . .

Shooting Platform what's in the Bag

Shooting Platform what’s in the Bag

Chair – 2 in 1 – Portable, for Rifle or Shotgun with the following Accessories:

  • Ammo Tray
  • Padded Seat Cushion,
  • Mud and Sand Plates
  • Padded Holdall
  • Hard Standing Feet
  • Weatherproof Chair Cover
  • Maintenance Kit.

See all the Accessories here . . .

Suitable for:    Air Rifle, Rim Fire, Centre Fire, Shot Gun, Target Range and Hunting

A serious shooting aide for all serious Professional, Competitor, Shooting Enthusiast Able and Disabled

The Idleback Chair can be used :

On the ground, On a platform, In the back of the Pick-up

“The best shooting platform in the world” - Shooting Stability and Comfort

Increases Accuracy by:

Eliminating Strain and Muscle Fatigue, Allowing concentration on: The finesse of the shot, Solidarity, Stillness, Breathing, Pulse, Trigger = SHOOT!

Shoot many 100’s of yards, accurately, Turn 360 degrees silently!

Individually extending tripod legs, Lumber Support Back Rest, Converts in a second to Right Hand or Left Hand Shooting, Front Adjustable Gun Support Arm

Supports the rifle, Adjusts for elevation, Detaches to convert to a Shotgun Chair and back again in seconds!

Padded Gun Cradle, Turns and Pivots.

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About Idleback Shooting Platforms

Idleback Chairs was was established as a family run business in 2008. The concept, design and prototype of the chair came into being a good two years before that.

I took up shooting as a hobby after retiring from a long career  in the printing industry. I tried lots of equipment and accessories, ending up with some I was pleased with and probably just as many which now gather dust in the garage ! This probably sounds familiar.

Cutting a long story short, after years of trial and error, Improvisation to find a suitable platform from which to do the various types of shooting I wanted to do, I decided I needed something tailored-made for myself. I drew a pencil picture of roughly what I had in mind, I gave this to my son-in-law Darren and asked him “to design and make me a chair something like this“. It took 6 months and 5 attempts to get the chair to fit me. Once I was up and running, I asked Darren to make two more, 1 for my brother Den and another for my other shooting buddy Vin.

Over the following six months we used our chair to great success, it was then we realized the chair had great potential, so Darren set about designing the chair with all the necessary adjustments to fit different size people and shooting styles.

After considerable time and effort with many refinements, not to mention the significant financial investment, we now have a production version of the chair, along with complimentary accessories which cover every eventuality, which collectively is aptly names “The Idleback Shooting Platform System“.

In the UK we have in excess of 1000 happy customers, many of which have become personal friends and we hope to repeat this success with our friends in the USA.

Kind Regards and Happy Shooting,

Trev, Darren, Mandy and Di

and all the team at Idleback