The Idleback Shooting Platform


The Idleback Shooting Platform System

For all eventualities

Weight 18lbs – Made from Quality, Light weight, Powder Coated Aluminium


What you get . . . .

Shooting Platform What's in the Bag

Shooting Platform What’s in the Bag

Chair – 2 in 1 – Portable, for Rifle or Shotgun with the following Accessories:

  • Ammo Tray
  • Padded Seat Cushion,
  • Mud and Sand Plates
  • Padded Holdall
  • Hard Standing Feet
  • Weatherproof Chair Cover
  • Maintenance Kit.

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Suitable for:    Air Rifle, Rim Fire, Centre Fire, Shot Gun, Target Range and Hunting

A serious shooting aide for all serious Professional, Competitor, Shooting Enthusiast Able and Disabled

The Idleback Chair can be used :

On the ground, On a platform, In the back of the Pick-up

“The best shooting platform in the world” - Shooting Stability and Comfort

Increases Accuracy by:

Eliminating Strain and Muscle Fatigue, Allowing concentration on: The finesse of the shot, Solidarity, Stillness, Breathing, Pulse, Trigger = SHOOT!

Shoot many 100’s of yards, accurately, Turn 360 degrees silently!

Individually extending tripod legs, Lumber Support Back Rest, Converts in a second to Right Hand or Left Hand Shooting, Front Adjustable Gun Support Arm

Supports the rifle, Adjusts for elevation, Detaches to convert to a Shotgun Chair and back again in seconds!

Padded Gun Cradle, Turns and Pivots.

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